{Summer Mantel}

I spruced up our mantel for summer.

I love changing up the mantel every now and then and I am so glad we decided to create this faux mantel by placing a floating shelf above our television.

I always try to use what I have and to keep it matching the family room decor.

I went with blues and teals. 

A few candles on some spray-painted candleholders from the thrift store.

A $3 vase from goodwill with some roses from the yard.

A couple of books I thrifted ages ago.

An antique camera to represent all the memories that will be made this summer.

AND . . . our new pallet sign!

I am in love with this sign and so is hubby.  He loves the rugged look.

It was such a simple project.

I purchased the letters at Beverley’s (on sale and with a coupon of course) and then I spray-painted them with spray paint that I had on hand.

I found three pieces of pallet wood that were the same size and hubby connected them with a thin piece of wood located perpendicularly on either side in the back.  

I wood glued the letters to the front and then placed some heavy books on them overnight.

We added a bracket for hanging and TA DA!


*Update: you can now order your own custom sign in my ETSY SHOP!


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