Happy first day of summer!

I have been loving the warm days, but I ardently miss and long for the warm nights of my Northern California hometown. Sigh.  

We have been busy with swim lessons and life the past two weeks. Here is a sneak peek of our week through instagram photos.

I am linking up with Life Rearranged again.  I’m jenanninga on instagram if you want to follow.

life rearranged

 I am missing my friends from home! One just got a new job, one is preggers, and one just got engaged!  I want to see them all so bad!

 I have been meaning to make this granola for a few weeks.  I finally did it and of course it was super easy and delicious.  Why did I put it off?

We are picking plums daily.  Hubby got up on a ladder and in the tree to reach some of the really ripe ones.  Now it is time to start canning and baking.

 My little sunshine.  We went for a hike and I wish you could see the wildflower in her other hand.  She looked like a such a little nature child.  I was so proud!

 Quinoa and a one year old don’t mix.

 Addison is OB-SESSED!  “Dog. Woof, Woof,” is all I hear.  On walks, she fusses until I stop and let the dog lick her hand.  

We are all about the water lately.  Today is our last day of swim lessons, so I know this pool will start getting more use soon!

How has you week been?  Enjoy the longest day of the year!


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