{Starting Small}

I have dreams.

BIG dreams.

Dreams that involve acreage and tire swings and vegetable gardens and wrap around porches and chickens and space.

I’ve always been a dreamer.

I know that many of my dreams may never come true, including this one.

But, oh, how I long for it.

So, we are starting small.

Very small.

Meet our chickens: Birch, Whiskers, Milo, and Otis.

I’ve dreamt of collecting eggs pretty much my whole life, and of living on a farm and riding horses bareback every day.

Seeing as we live in a suburban neighborhood, only one of those dreams was even a remote possibility.

Enter, the chickens.

We may not live on many acres.  We may not have a wrap around porch or a dirt road, but we do have chickens.

I can give my children that small piece of the dream that I have for them.

Someday we will add a small garden to the yard, a dog, perhaps some bunnies, and probably a swing of some sort.

Maybe, just maybe, we will build a front porch in the future.  I don’t know.

I do not, however, that we can start small, with four chickens.

We can build our BIG dreams bit by bit.


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