{insta-love . . . finally}

Well, hello there.

No, I did not disappear to a remote island.

I was not abducted by aliens.

I was merely busy, and nauseous, and nauseous.

However, I am nearing the close of my first trimester and today is my last day of teaching!

So, you may be hearing a bit more from me on this ol’ blog now that 5 more hours of my day will be available to me!

Of course I might decide to become the Chuck Norris of cleaning ladies and disappear again as I scrub, wash, purge, and such.

Here is a little of what we have been up to lately.  I am linking up with Life Rearranged today!

life rearranged

 Wrapping up the school year with an awesome assembly . . . and a minimum day today. WOOOOOO.  I may be more excited than the kids, and that is saying a lot because they are middle schoolers.

 My “morning sickness”, which has been visiting me on and off throughout the day has led to some re-reading of all my Jane Austen books.  Addie has her own version of this one and we read them together.

 We planned, and planted, a garden!  Hubby used some old wood from a deck we ripped up to make the raised beds.  We planted three types of tomato, zuchinni, green beans, carrots, and corn!  I can’t wait to see them growing.

 It is turning into a full on farm around here.  These four baby chicks, who have already grown a ton, are currently living in our garage under a heat lamp.  Baby girl loves Milo, Otis, Whiskers, and Birch!

 Every night we sneak in to check on the little one before we go to bed and we love to see all the funny positions she gets herself into.

Getting ready for summer and for a baby who may begin walking in the near future!

What have you been up to?  Summer is starting!!!!  Aren’t you thrilled?  I am . . . if you couldn’t tell.


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