There are 4 weeks left of the school year.

4 weeks left of leaving my little one at 9:30 morning, to not return until 2:45.

4 more weeks of hoping she will nap while I am gone.

4 more weeks of missing her happy afternoon hours.

4 more weeks of exhaustion and not enough time.


“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord . . .”

You see.  I am working part-time, but I had to get permission for that.  Approval.  

I requested a part-time schedule again this year.

Out of the five schools in my district, not one was willing to have a part-time teacher, not even the school that I have taught at for 4 years.

I understand that in some cases, it would mean hiring another part-time teacher to fill in the time that I am not there.

However, I feel a little bit discriminated against.

Don’t get me wrong.  I DO NOT WANT TO WORK.  However, I absolutely need to bring in some income. 

Yes, I have read every single “How to be a stay at home mom” article there is.  I am already doing everything they suggest.

We don’t pay for childcare, we cloth diaper, I dry clothes on the line, I cook rather than eat out. I shop at Food 4 Less, I menu plan and coupon clip, I do side jobs for extra income, we rarely go out.  I don’t buy new clothing very often . . .

So, I am a bit frustrated that the school district wasn’t even willing to try.  

Oh, you want to work full time and leave your kids with someone else?  Sure, come work for us?

Oh, you want to be with your daughter part of the day rather than be obsessed with a career.  Sorry, no room for you here.


Anyway, all this to say that we are in a new season.  After June, I will be jobless.

Officially I am on 100% leave for one year (meaning I can have a job back in the district if I want it for the 2014 -2015 schoolyear).

So, I am signing up to substitute, applying for college teaching positions, and looking for online jobs.

Pray for us as we enter the unknown this summer!


One thought on “{4 WEEKS}

  1. You know, Jenny, the Father knows your heart and He will provide. It will be in the most unexpected way, and probably at the very last second. Check some of the tutoring opportunities, library storytellers, and churches. Maybe there's a private school needing an amazing middle school teacher. (I know for sure there's one here, but I don't think you want to move cross-country.) Whatever it is, He is always faithful.

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