{11 months}

Our sweet 11 month old:

Who actually looked like this during most of the photo shoot.  Poor baby.  Hubby wanted me to use the pouty-lip pic as the “official” 11 month pic. He is a sucker for the pouty lip. I chose the finger-in-the-mouth-because-I-am-teething pic.


has 4 teeth

loves to say “dada” and “book”

attempts to repeat our words

would read books all day if she could

has added more meat to her diet

loves eggs, bread, egg-soaked bread, cheese, squash, bananas, and yogurt

enjoys playing with the magnets on the fridge and nail polish in the basket under the bathroom vanity

Can walk while pushing her musical walker toy

loves making facing to the mirror and sticking out her tongue while making silly sounds

plays contentedly in the bath

laughs at Curious George when we play an episode for her

prefers to be sitting in the cold, wet sand at the water’s edge of the beach

points all over the place, especially to trees

She is a joy and we love watching her learn and grow each month!  I can’t believe that she is almost 1!  I am looking forward to celebrating her birthday in one month and to spending the summer with her!

Taking these photos continues to get more challenging.

If I were to do it again, I would get more fabric and drape it as a backdrop and ground cover for when she reached the sitting and standing ages.  

Ah, live and learn.


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