Here we go! Joining up with jeannett at Life Rearranged again!

Another round of insta pics to share what’s been happening around these parts!

I’ve been making a “yearbook” on Shutterfly for our family photos.

Don’t be impressed.  I’m making the one from 2010 and 2011. HA!

However, it made me realize that we need to take more pics as a family and when we do actual stuff.

Otherwise, all our pics will be of Addie playing with toys.

Thankfully, Shutterfly now has an instagram app to add all those pics to your album.  Phew!

I will definitely be using that, if I ever get to making the 2013 yearbook.

Here are some insta pics from the last two weeks!

You can follow me if you want! jenanninga

I just realized that there are more than 3 filters for instagram pictures.  Clearly, I am really up with all the technological stuff. 

 A rare 20 minutes at home while baby was napping led to this wonderful moment of tea and cupcakes (usually I am gone during ALL of her nap times).

 Our growth group finished up the quarter with S’mores around the fire.  Hubby made the PERFECT marshmallow.  Seriously, we were all in awe.

 Little darlin’ came with me to the teacher work day at my school.  She was quite popular that day.  But, I mean, what else could one expect?  Just look at that face!

 I found an old easel on the side of the road and by old I mean worn out bare wood, rusted hinges, spiderwebs and distorted chalkboards and white boards.  I brought it home . . . in my trunk . . . that I tied shut with my ergo since the easel didn’t really fit.  Classy, I know.  But, look at it now!  So worth the awkward drive home!


 This is one of the views on our daily walks.  I would shrivel up and die for lack of trees and greenery in this town if it were not for this view.  This view saves me.  Oh, and there were turkeys gobbling away on the hillside.  I suppose they think they are safe at Easter time.  It is the pigs who should be worried.

Here is a healthy dose of reality for you.  I decided to wash and organize ALL the clothes we have for Addie, even the ones that do not fit her yet.  Combine that with the fact that I was working on taxes and Addie was playing with all of her hats, shoes, and books at the same time.  You get this beautifully colorful chaos!

How was your week? Hubby and I had a WONDERFUL date night last night! Our weekend will be filled with sunshine (in the 70’s here) and some yard work! I also have a fun baby-free shopping night planned with a girlfriend.Do you have fun weekend plans?


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