{Hod Podge Soup: How to make soup out of pretty much anything}

The other day I needed to grocery shop.  Needed.  

But a renegade napper made it impossible and it was nearing dinner time.

What is a wife to do?

Make Hod Podge soup!

I whipped up a quick, easy, and yummy soup with ingredients we had on hand.

Since I meal plan very specifically, it is not often that we have random unused food, but this time (lucky for me) we did!


Partial bag of frozen mixed veggies
2 – 3 potatoes
chicken broth and/or chicken bouillon
shredded chicken
cajun seasoning

I just threw everything in a pot together until it boiled and then let is simmer a bit.

It was yummy!

Tasted a bit like chicken noodle soup without the noodles and with a whole lot of other yummy stuff mixed in.

So, here is a basic formula for making soups.

1. Broth and water: chicken broth for white meats and beef broth for red meats.  Either work for no meat.  Chicken bouillon cubes and or powder can be substituted.  

2. Water: Taste to decide ratio.  Less water=more flavor.

3. Spices:  My favorites are always salt and pepper.  Add others depending on what is going in your soup. Is it pasta-y and bean-y?  Maybe some basil or oregano.  Chicken and potato? Cajun or chili powder or garlic salt.

4. Ingredients: veggies, potatoes, meat, beans, and pasta and all good options!

I hope this recipe helps you out if you are ever in a jam and don’t know what to make for dinner!

I popped in some crescent rolls we happened to have, but toasted bread with a little olive oil or butter and sprinkled with garlic salt is a nice addition as well.



2 thoughts on “{Hod Podge Soup: How to make soup out of pretty much anything}

  1. perfect ! like Nail soup! Thanks for dropping by, Jenny. And bless your brood. I may need to you post your Lattice Top chicken Casserole next week!

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