I’m linking up with Life.Rearranged to share my week in cell phone pics.

I realize more and more that pretty much all of my pics are of baby girl, but that doesn’t bother me one bit!

Sooooo, I lost my sunglasses and have been wearing these.  I have no idea where or why I got them from.  I also had no idea they looked so ridiculous until seeing this photo.  I mean, I knew they were pretty bad, but I don’t care so much what others think now that I am a mere three months from 30 years-old.

However, seeing this picture has just caused sunglasses to move up on the need-to-purchase list.  My eyes are suuuuper sensitive, so going without a pair is not an option.  Oh, ya . . . and I am really picky about sunglasses.  Although, you couldn’t tell it from this pic.
 My nephew turned 3!  I can’t believe it!  We celebrated by eating donuts.  I actually celebrated by eating a donut and drinking coffee.  MMMM maple bar and hazlenut latte.  Yum.
 Someone loves sunshine.  Thank goodness.  I have this irrational fear that my daughter will grow up and not be anything like me in the mountain, tree, and sunshine obsession department.  However, this image restores my hope!
 Baby loves feeding herself.  Her newest obsession is whole wheat bread and cheese. Black beans and avocado have made it into the finger food mix as well.
 We had some beautiful, warm, sunny days last week (It has been raining this week) and we spent some time at the beach.  Addie loved the sand, rocks, and sticks!
 Due to the aforementioned beautiful weather, I did my menu planning like this.  Ahhhhhh, sunshine.  I am sooooo ready for summer.
 I still can’t get enough of this little one falling asleep on me.  Sigh.
 There has been lots of grass time.  Little one loves playing with the weeds and grass.  Daddy loves watching her.  He often picks her up and whisks her outside when he gets home from work.  It is the sweetest thing to watch them.

I’ve been in this really strange funk when it comes to getting dressed for church.  Suddenly I have NOTHING to wear.  It doesn’t help that I only want to wear dresses or skirts.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing pants to church, it is all about your heart.  However, I like dressing up.  I like honoring God on the Sabbath by dressing for a special occasion.  I do not like tossing everything out of my closet and panicking because I can’t decide what to wear.  I need to work on that one!  Even Addie wears dresses to church, but dressing her is easy because she looks good in everything!

{How was your week?  Is it sunny where you are?  Rainy?}

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