It’s been awhile! I am linking up with Life Rearranged again to share my instagram photos from the week.

I finally got my phone fixed and was able to transfer all my pics to my computer.  Now I have space to take new pics!

Little one has had some tummy troubles.  Refusing to eat, not taking her bottle while I am at work.  It stresses me out, since I am not at home to nurse her when she refuses food.  Thomas the Tank Engine improved her mood greatly.  The sun pouring in the windows (why yes, you can see my entire house in this picture) greatly improved my mood.

This picture also makes me want to trade out my decorations for a more springish look!

 Snuggles after work.  Jeans and dress tops on a 9 month old?  Adorable!

 We’ve had a couple of early wake ups due to tummy trouble, which led to early naps.  A blessing in disguise!  We made it to music time at a local baby store.  Addie loved watching all the other babies!

 One of my valentine gifts was a mug warmer.  Hubby has seen me reheat my morning cocoa a million times each day since I am always stopping to pack lunches, change a diaper, feed the baby, etc.  This mug warmer is seriously awesome.  I am in love!  I am also in love with my man who brought me flowers, a balloon, candy, and a card that told me to get ready for a date at 6:30 (he had scheduled for his mom to babysit).

 I have been trying to treat more days like Valentine’s day.  On this particular day, I had hot cocoa waiting for hubby on a cold day after work. 

 I love seeing the sun rise each morning out our kitchen and living room windows.  Hubby and I even watched it come up on Valentine’s . . . from the roof!  I surprised the hubs with coffee and breakfast and blankets up on the roof.  It was such a wonderfully peaceful morning!

How was your week?  What are your weekend plans?  I am hoping to go for a hike, spend some time downtown, and get caught up on cleaning and my online jobs!


One thought on “{Insta-Love}

  1. i'm not totally sure what my plans are. we were going to a firends house on sunday but that got canceled. i may just snuggle up with the boyfriend and watch our netflix dvds and craft.

    i had no idea mug warmers existed thats awesome!

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