{9 months}

Hard to believe our little girl has almost been out of the womb for longer than she was in it.

Here are te 9 month stats:

CRAWLING: not yet, but she can get around a room by scooting, lunging, pushing herself backward, and turning every which way.  Her lack of mobility is beginning to frustrate her, so I am sure it won’t be long now.  Guess we should baby proof.

EATING:  she loves her veggie and fruit purees.  Her favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots and apples, strawberry, puffs, and feeding herself banana pieces. She ate an entire banana last night.

PLAYING:  She loves her toys and her new favorite thing is “playing catch” and throwing things.

ATTITUDE:  She is silly, silly, silly.  She loves to be incredibly loud and bouncy.  She is quite hilarious.  She also has an opinion.  An opinion about what she wants to play with, when she wants to be picked up, and getting her diaper changed.  She likes to express her frustration and displeasure, but is quick to relent . . . so far.  HA!

It is so fun watching her grow.  I especially love how excited she gets when I get home each day from work.  If only she knew how I excited I am!  I strive each day to show her.

I love you, Addie girl!


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