{A Simple Mantel for the New Year}

I love mantels.

I love the central location for art, decoration, and photos.

I love looking up Holiday vignettes for mantels and using the inspiration for my decorating.

You see, we do not have a fireplace.

Oh how I would love a fireplace.  I grew up with one after all.  The smell of chimney smoke is one of my favorites.

But, no mantel in this 816 square foot home of ours.

Recently, however, we finally got around to a few upgrades in our family room.

After being in our new home for about eight months, I finally feel like our family room is “finished”.

I know rooms are never really finished, since I like to move items around, still have a chair to reupholster and paint, and I have a console table to paint as well as a picture and mirror to hang.

But, the big stuff is done.

We found a rug.

We hung the gallery wall.

We found a solution to the area above our television.

Een though we don’t have cable and don’t use our TV superfluously, it is in a prominent location.  It really is the only spot our television ca fit.

I had been tossing around numerous ideas for how to decorate above our television.

So, finally, after searching for ideas on Pinterest, I decided on  beveled shelf.

(yes, we still need handles on our dresser . . . someday . . . someday . . .)

It is actually the same shelf that we used in our bathroom, just longer.

I love that it is a floating shelf.  It looks simple and clean, which is what I like.  When you live in such a tiny space, you learn to keep things simple.

I love that it looks like a mantel.

I love that I can change out the decorations easily.

It is the perfect place to display knick knacks or seasonal vignettes.

For January, I went with some simple colors that pop up other places in the room.  

Our family room is really basic.  Beige, tan, white, natural wood.  The pops of color can be found in pillows, end tables, candles, and art.

I kept that theme on the mantel.

I made the bunting banner awhile back and then wrote the letters on with Sharpie.

I have had the candles forever and they rotate to different rooms or into storage during different seasons.  The white candles are actually battery operated and we won them in a gift exchange. SCORE!

I made the canvas after being inspired by this post.

The dates make it sorta new yearsy . . . or at least I think so.

The giant N, was made by one of my bridesmaids for our wedding.  It was black and white damask and hung in our bathroom for a long time.

I wanted to change up our bathroom for the new house, but love the N too much to not use it.  So, I spray painted it white to give it new life!

I have had the mirror forever.  I think I bought it from Wal-Mart.  It makes the space look even more mantel-ish and reflects the light in the room.

Finally, my super classy glasses frame with a free printable in it.

The printable is from Dear Lillie.  I am currently obsessed with everything they make and have been printing out these monthly phrases religiously since october.  Literature and pretty fonts?  Yes, please!

So, there you have it.

A freshly redesigned “mantel” for a fresh start!


One thought on “{A Simple Mantel for the New Year}

  1. How about you guys take a trip up to see Bart and I and while Bart and Scott hang out, you and I can make a trip to Hobby Lobby to find you some hardware for your tv dresser? We live so close to one! But, love your new mantle. Perfect wintery, but not Christmasy. Love!

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