Some of The Most Practical Things I Have Learned From Pinterest

1. Pouring excess grease from cooking into a bowl lined with tin foil.  TIP: Roll it up and throw it out immediately or it will burn through the foil.

2. Using a Parmesan cheese lid on a mason jar to make a shaker.  TIP: Great for powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar mixes, homemade taco seasoning, or just a cuter way to store parmesan cheese.

3. Cleaning your blender with water and soap on the blend setting.  TIP: Do a quick rinse first.

4. Washing baby toys in the dishwasher.

5. Place a bowl of vinegar and water in the microwave for five minutes to loosen gunk.  Then wipe down.

6.  Put your gas burners in ziploc bags with a few tablespoons of ammonia. then rinse off.  TIP: Wear a breathing mask or only take one out at a time WITH a window open.

7. Place a fitted sheet that matches your bed sheets over your box spring.  No dust ruffle necessary!

8. Use a magazine rack to store foil, parchment paper, saran wrap, etc.  TIP: Make your own magazine rack out of a cereal box.

9. Use baskets in your fridge to store food items.  This keeps you from having to pull out a bunch of items to reach what is behind them.  TIP: I also use a lazy Susan in my fridge for condiments.

10. Create gifts from dollar store mugs. TIP: Use good quality Sharpies.

Have any tips for me?  I’d love more!


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