{A Fresh Start}

Here we are; a new year.

So much to remember.  So many new possibilities.

I’ve been quiet around this blog due to the holidays and because this is my last week as a full-time stay-at-home-mama.

Beginning on Monday, I will be teaching part-time.

It is hard.  It is tearing me apart.

I am trying to focus on the many blessings, however:

1. I only have to work part-time.
2. Addie will only be watched by family members.
3. We are receiving free childcare.
4. I have a few days off and Spring Break to look forward to.
5. I will have summer in five months.
6. This will bring much-needed income and even some savings to us!
7. She will be napping during part of the time that I am gone.

So many blessings!

In order to better prepare myself for this change and for all that it means, I have been organizing.

After all, with five less hours a day at home and no naps while I am at home, I will have little time for cleaning, cooking, etc.

With the help of hubby, we created an “office” for me.

We have this strange window that looks into the laundry room (It was an add-on by the previous owners).  I didn’t want to be looking at the water heater all day, but I did want light coming in from the laundry room’s window, so we put a thing piece of white fabric up as a backdrop behind the window.

Wa La!

Almost every material we used we already owned (one of my resolutions this year).  I did purchase some Washi tape, dry erase markers, and Command Strips.

Dry-erase markers work perfectly on glass and Washi tape is a cute accent to define the space.

I bought the clipboards in the dollar bin at Target forever ago.  They will hold menu plans, grocery lists, and cleaning schedules.

I also received a wonderful calendar from the awesome folks at Wall Pops!

I knew I wanted some sort of dry-erase calendar.  

I wanted to create a space where Hubby and I could clearly see what was going on in our week.

They had a million options and so many cute designs, but I went with simple and clean. They also have much more than calendars. However, I didn’t want to clutter up the newly organized desk area, so I stuck with a basic weekly calendar.

The awesome thing about this calendar is that it is sticky and moveable.  If I want to change its location, no biggie.  Simply peel it off and place it somewhere else.  It came with a dry erase pen and eraser that can be mounted anywhere.

I love it. It was easy to put on and offers plenty of space for writing. 

Creating this “office” space has really taken some stress off of the whole going back to work thing.

I have plans to paint the desk a dark grey color to finish off the space, but for now I am enjoying the clutter-free organization!

{Where do you work at home?  Do you have an official office?  A nook? Or, do you simply plop down on the couch with your laptop like I used to do?}


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