{Honoring the Cloth: Part 3}

I decided it was high time for a cloth diapering update!

You can read post 1 and 2 if you haven’t yet had a chance to. Or, if you don’t want to read about poop, just scroll down for the cute baby pics, ha!  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

I really knew very little about cloth diapering before I began, but I have learned so much in the past seven months, and I truly love it!

I have even begun given cloth diapering seminars at a local baby shop twice a month.

My husband may be an even bigger fan than I am.  The few times he has had to change a disposable have so disgusted him (and myself) that he is now a major supporter of cloth.

However, some changes have occurred.  Namely, solids.  


Baby girl has begun eating rice cereal and vegetable/fruit purees.

As a result, her diapers have changed a bit.  They are, well, a bit more solid.

At first, I was somewhat befuddled by this, but after researching I have discovered the following.

Whatever, falls off into the toilet can be flushed.  Whatever sticks, can be washed.  Easy.  In the event that you are unsure about a diaper (if it is between solid and runny) you can set is aside for an hour or so and then see if any of it falls into the toilet after it has dried out.

My daughter’s were in the in-between stage for about two weeks, but are now solid and super easy to clean! Addie is very excited about this development, as you can clearly see.


Our wash routine is much the same.  We have energy efficient machines, so it requires a few sneaky maneuvers to get the diapers clean.  Here are the steps we take:

1. Wash diapers on cold/bulky, on High, with a pre-soak, and no-spin (I use one scoop of Charlie’s Soap)

2. Wash diapers on hot/bulky, on High or Medium, on high-spin

3. Dry in the sunshine if possible, on an indoor drying rack and then fluff, or in the dryer.

I wash mine every other day to make sure I never run out, but I have gone longer than that (due to vacations) and they still come clean.


I love these.  If you are going to cloth diaper, use them.  It makes sense.  Otherwise, you have a diaper to throw in the diaper bin and a wipe to throw in the trash and not enough hands to accomplish the task.


We were out of town for four days recently and we cloth diapered the entire time.  I brought out wipe juice spray bottle, wipes, and the diapers in a large wet bag.  I brought my wipe bag and two smaller wet bags to use in the diaper bag when necessary.  It was easy.

I actually love not having to hunt for a trash can to throw diapers away when I am out and about.


Organic Cotton Prefolds with Flip cover (our faves and what we use for nighttime diapering)

Microfiber Insert with Flip cover (I sometimes double these since they are the least absorbent)

Pocket Diapers

I no longer use my Neet Hemp Soakers.  They were awkward and a bit scratchy.

I did, however, win some Flip Organic Inserts and we really like them.  They are a little bulky for out little peanut, but super soft and absorbent.

I would also recommend Thirsties brand Diaper covers.  They have these cool Gussets on the side that give extra leak protection.  Maybe by baby #3 we will need new diapers?

Seriously, we have not bought diapers since June.  Our baby was born in May.  How awesome is that?


Booty Balm – we have yet to run out of even one jar.

Wipe Juice – one jar lasted us almost seven months.

Charlie’s Soap – I just started the third case of it after almost seven months.

I hope this little update is helpful for those of you cloth diapering or interested in cloth diapering.  Feel free to ask questions in the comment section!


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