It’s that time again . . . FRIDAY.
life rearranged
I love linking up with jeannett for insta-friday.

It is so fun to look back at the little moments of each week.  It helps me to remember how blessed I truly am, and to see the beauty in the everyday moments.

The view from my bed in the mornings.  Sunrise on a mountain peak.  If it wasn’t for this view, I don’t know how I would survive. I’m like Anne in that respect: “I couldn’t live where there were no trees [or mountain peaks]. Something vital in me would starve.”  

 Hubby and I played Scrabble.  You know, it’s like Words with Friends except you get to actually hang out with the person you are playing.  We drank hot chocolate, listened to Christmas music, and had a “fire” roaring via netflix.  It was wonderfully, wonderfully simple and perfect.

 I am all done shopping.  I am so excited about all the gifts I am giving.  I looooooove giving gifts!  These, however, were tempting me.  I wanted to keep them.  I have a thing for blank notebooks (English major with a creative writing emphasis) and these ones were oh so very cute.

 Our friends are teaching English in Laos through ELIC.  They sent this skirt and these shoes for Addie (she was born after they left).  How cute is she in them?  You can visit ELIC to learn about donating to their organization.  Maybe a one-time Christmas donation?

 It is official.  I earned my Master’s.  For some insane reason, I decided to begin it when I was four weeks pregnant. I finished when my daughter was six months old.  Yikes.  It was only by the grace of God.  Seriously.

 I may be done shopping for gifts, but I am not done making them.  I still have some sewing and crocheting projects to do.  Baby girl sat in my lap one afternoon while I finished up a Cowl.

 The Stitch Market was a success.  I had so much fun, but I am definitely taking a break from baby beanies for awhile.  I do have some left and will try to post pics this weekend and upload them into THE SHOP.  E-mail or comment if you want one.  The pendant banners are also going into THE SHOP.

 Now that my baby beanie days are at a stop, I can focus on Christmas projects!  I made two pillow out of the fabric on the bottom and my fabric is cut for stockings using the four fabrics on top.

 I like big bows and I can not lie.  I have some of these left from The Stitch Market as well.  Clearly, it is ridiculously big, but that is exactly why it is so cute.  This was Addie’s “picking out ehr first tree” outfit.

How was your week?  Are you done Christmas shopping? Are you hand-making any gifts? What are you wishing for?

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Since I am linking up with jeannett, I have to share with you one thing that she wants for Christmas.

She wants a home for Yana, and so do I.

Visit THIS POST to learn more about Yana and how you can help.

Not only can you give a few dollars to help, but you can spread the word.  There is even a giveaway for those bloggers who share Yana’s story.

How will you make Christmas count this year?


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