{Pinterest Challenge}

I haven’t done a Pinterest Challenge post in awhile.

It must have been all that finishing my Master’s, preparing for the Stitch Market, and mothering that kept me busy.

So, today, I am providing you with the links to all my Pinterest Challenge posts thus far.

Click through to see which recipes I tried and liked or crafts that were successful aaaaaaand not so successful.

P.C. 1

P.C. 2
P.C. 3
P.C. 4
P.C. 5
P.C. 6
P.C. 7
P.C. 8
P.C. 9

In addition, here are a few more pins that I have attempted in real life!  

This recipe is really yummy and easy.  As always, I cook my chicken beforehand (usually in the crockpot with some chicken broth).  This time I cooked it in the oven for a little over an hour on 350, with some chicken broth, lemon pepper, and garlic salt.  Then, I shred it in my KitchenAid mixer.  Easy Peasy.

Clearly, I have a thing for Mexican food.  Yum. We topped our enchiladas with sour cream and salsa. I also used whole wheat tortillas and, of course, shredded the chicken in my mixer. I usually just use cheddar when a recipe calls for Mexican blend cheese since I am too cheap to buy an extra brand of cheese.

The first time I attempted this, I let the grease harden and it burned through the foil.  The second time, I wrapped it up right away and through it out.  It worked much better that time.

I made one of these!  I would recommend using a non-stiff yarn.  Mine is a little stiff, but should loosen up with wear.  Since it was so stiff, I stopped about half way through the pattern, so it would cover the wearer’s face.

I made the Joy sign out of cardboard that Christmas gifts were shipped in.  Free decorations!

We finally finished our over-the-tv area with a shelf based on inspiration such as this.  We used a beveled shelf from Home Depot and hung a simple round mirror that we already owned above it. I’ll post pics soon!

You can also head over HERE to Blissful and Domestic to read a DIY guest post from me on making felt banners!

Have a lovely Monday!

{What are you pinning and doing?}


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