{DIY Faux Chalkboard}

Are you into the chalkboard craze?

I am.  

Wanna know a secret?

I actually hate chalkboards.  The scratchy noise they make when you write on them?  Goosebumps.  Seriously.  As in, right now while I am thinking about it.  Gives me the creeps.  Oh, and the feel of the dusty chalk in your hand.  yuck.  Or erasing the board?  It never looks completely black again unless you wash it and it makes that sound.  That horrid, horrid sound.

But, they look cool. I got sucked in despite my abhorrence of the things. 

As I was planning my holiday decor, I knew I wanted to incorporate a chalkboard.

I was inspired by these pins on Pinterest.

I knew, however, that buying a chalkboard was out of the question.  Really, buying anything was out of the question.

So, I improvised.

Here is what I came up with.

Ta Da.

Pretty nice, right?

You’ll never guess what materials I used.

The only item I purchased was one pack of chalk at Rite-Aid for $1.29.

The black chalkboard was created using a piece of cardboard that came in a package of frames.

Here is how I turned it into a chalkboard:

1. poke a hole in the center (I used scissors to do it)

2. Spray paint black (I already had some on hand)

3. Once dry, write your phrase on it.  For this, I referred to an example on Pinterest.  You could also use the trick that I used for my kitchen chalkboard and choose a font you like in Microsoft word, type up your phrase in that font, and copy it.

4. Add ribbon and hang. (Ribbon left over from wedding presents)

**Want to know the coolest thing?  If you mess up, you can wipe the chalk off with a damp rag.  Simple and no icky noises.

**I also considered drawing in a frame with chalk, but decided to keep it more simple this year.

For the second chalkboard I used a bulletin board.  Here are the steps:

1. Spray paint your board (I did mine all green because I ran out of black.  The original plan was to spray the frame one color and then tape it off and spray the cork board black. Next year, maybe.

2. Follow a template and write your phrase.

3. Hang with ribbon (Our ribbon was saved from Christmas gifts last year).

There you have it: two ways to make a chalkboard without chalkboard paint and for practically no money!


One thought on “{DIY Faux Chalkboard}

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