It has been a long time since i have linked up with jeannett for instafriday, but here I am again with some pics from the last few weeks.
life rearranged
I feel like life is slowly getting back into a manageable pace since I completed my Masters program on Wednesday (two days before the deadline)!  It was a miracle and i am so thankful for God’s hand on this journey.

The Stitch Market is next week, so my focus is all about hot glue, sewing, and crocheting.  Will I see you there?  Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.  Go HERE to see a review of the Spring Market.

The day after Thanksgiving we headed up north to see my family.  My brother is a High School basketball coach (and the Redwood Empire Coach of the Year last year).  Addie was all dressed up to cheer on her uncle’s team.  Taking after her mama’s spirited tendencies already.

 Have you seen our lawn?  EEEEEEK!  I am so excited.  My nephew is equally stoked.  He refers to it as “The Park!”

 Packing up fall.  I will be decking the halls this weekend, after hubby gets all my decorations out of the garage.  I am scared of spiders, or I would do it.

 Baby girl started solids and she loves her some homemade sweet potato puree!  I am loving making her food.  In fact, I may be teaching a class on making baby food this spring.  Stay tuned!

 Music time at a local record shop with the cousins.  My little one is a BIG music fan.

 Oilcloth.  I want some for the kitchen.  How will I ever decide?  Which is your fave?

 Beverly’s finally got with the times.  Chevron.  I shared this news with my husband.  He was thrilled, I’m sure.  I lamented the fact that I had no reason to purchase any.  He then told me I should buy some to make my fabric banners with.  I love that man.

 The aforementioned fabric banners.  Scallops, rectangles, and triangles, OH MY!

How was your week?  are you gearing up for Christmas?  We watched White Christmas last night and drank cocoa to get in the mood.  I’ve been playing Fireplace for your Home on Netflix like nobody’s business.  We brainstormed Christmas gift ideas on our five hour drive back home from up north. We are getting in the mood for Christmas . . . to rejoice in the Savior who was born to save us from our sins!


2 thoughts on “{Insta-Love}

  1. Love that the record store has music time!

    And I love all that oil cloth. I would love some for my kitchen table; what store is that?

    Good going on the banners! I am making my winter one this weekend. I'm using rick-rack across the top this time. Gettin' crazy!

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