{Pallet Dreams}

I took a little break after 31 days ended.

It has been busy around here.  I feel like a broken record because I say that so much, but it is true.

November is crazy.  

I have to finish my master’s by the 30th, which means doing a project that takes most people six months in only one month.

I have to make all of my products for The Stitch Market.

I am working on an online side job to bring in income.  You know, since I haven’t worked since April.

Oh, and pretty much every weekend is devoted to our backyard project.

Don’t be surprised if it is a little quiet around the blog this month.

Speaking of the backyard.

We were blessed to find a great deal on bricks via craigslist.  So, even though the patio isn’t first on our backyard project list, we picked them up.

This involved unloading 14,000 lbs of brick.  It involved hours of work. Wheelbarrows. Some bleeding.  Some callouses.  Elbow pain. 

However, it also involved obtaining five pallets!  Yay!

I have been brainstorming all sorts of projects for these pallets.  Of course, none of them will happen for awhile due to the reasons listed above, but a girl can dream.

Here is my pallet inspiration via Pinterest.

We just got a smaller, more space efficient kitchen table via craigslist.  I would love to make some sort of skinny sideboard for food staging.

The bookshelf?  I love!  A definite must.

Using pallets to frame a board sprayed with chalkboard paint?  Then hanging it on the front porch?  Oh yes!

Front porch or back porch signs are awesome!

So are indoor signs.  I love that I can put any phrase or image on it.  I want one for the blank space above the t.v. I think I would have it say” home.” or “family.”

{What are your favorite pallet projects?  Have you completed any?  i’d love tips!}


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