{Bringing Meaningful Art into the Home}

My house is all tidy and clean.

Ok, I admit the dishes need to be put away and I have a load of laundry to hang on the line.

Oh, and I should dust our bedroom and shake out the rugs.

It looks tidy though.

That gives me a good, good feeling.

A feeling of freedom.


Since I have been working hard to keep our home tidy, I had some time yesterday afternoon for a project.

I borrowed the idea from Dear Lillie.  It was very cheap, quick, and easy. I really want to make one for our small front porch area next!

Working on this project made me think about the art in our home.

The pictures. The kinck knacks.

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase?

It’s a good one.

One that I agree with.

So, what do I allow to come into my home?

Specifically in regards to the “beautiful” things.  The art.

All of our art and knick knacks are meaningful.

That is how we decide what stays, what goes, and what gets added.

Sometimes I watch home makeover shows and I don’t like what I see.  A brand new room that is pretty, but full of meaningless trinkets purchased at a chain store.  What about the clock they received from their wedding, the coasters they made themselves, the piece of art they found on a family vacation, the vase that was passed down from grandma?

I don’t want a bunch of things that represent a price tag.  I want meaning behind everything. Sure, if I had a ton of money I could go to Pottery Barn and buy a bunch of things to make my home beautiful.  But, I don’t have a ton of money.  That doesn’t mean I can’t make my home beautiful with what I have.

 (N represents our last name.  Both items I bought for less than $3 and painted myself).

 (Wedding pictures: thrifted frames and canvas using a free code.  Printable was free online).

 (DIY Chalkboard with a verse that hubby chose).

 (Thrifted and inherited milk glass vases.  Antique flour sifter, baking soda, and cook book, thrifted painting that caught my eye and wouldn’t let me go, garage sale shelf purchased on a garage sale hunting date with the hubby, banner made by me and soon to be updated and moved to a new location!)

 (Hubby’s dishwashing station: a wooden postcard from our honeymoon, a clock hubby picked out himself, groomsmen pic, mason jar with a coffee cozy I made).

 (found the spoon rack at a thrift store with my mom.  Spoons are from trips I have been on and one is from my grandmother).

(bought at a cute antique store on a trip with my mom, before I was married)

I realize that it isn’t always possible for each item in my home to have a story.  Obviously I have items in my home that I purchased because I like them.

This philosophy, however, and having meaningful art, keeps me from buying things merely because they are pretty.  it reins me in.  It makes me think, where would I put this? Or, why do I want this?

 (made by a friend for our wedding).

 (purchased at The Barn’s annual 50% off sale.  Reminds me to trust the Lord)

 (I love poetry and literature and this quote and her art)

 (Repurposed frame with fabric behind it and a dry erase marker verse.)

 (thrifted frame and verse printed out at home)

 (I bought this in college when I was dreaming of marriage and a family.  It sat in my hope chest for probably about 8 years.  Now, it has a home in baby girl’s room, just where I’d always hoped to use it).

 (Purchased at The Stitch Market from a teenage artist.  I love books, and reading and hope to pass that love on to my daughter).

 (Postcard that came with my Katie Daisy print)

 (Bought the piggy bank at TJ Maxx with my mom, the frame is holding a postcard, the Datsun car represents my husband, the A was from my baby shower).

 (I made the banner and the canvas and the vintage toolbox is from the Three Speckled hens show.  The teddy bear was my grandmother’s)

I love that I can tell you where I purchased, found, or how I made or received every item in my home.  

 (bought this on a winter trip to Yosemite with my brother and cousin.  I love photography, I love Nevada Falls, I have been to this very spot.)

 (My parents bought this sign at the local Strawberry Festival.  I think it speaks an important message!)

(wedding bouquet, our initial, candle was a gift, wooden people were my grandparents, engagement photo)

I am excited about the art that is waiting to be added to our bare family room wall:

I love that I haven’t compiled a bunch of meaningless things. It helps keep the soul of my home deep and rich.

{How do you add meaning to your home?  What is your favorite “art” in the home?}






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