{On Getting Dressed @ HOME}

Here we are with another practical post about life as a temporary stay-at-home mama.

Although, today I did leave my baby girl with her Aunt while I substitute taught for four hours.

It was the longest chunk of time I have left her during the day.


She was an angel and had a blast with her Aunt and two cousins.

However, most of the time I am at home.

When I say at home, I mean AT home.

As in, I haven’t really been running many errands or doing too many outings since I have been trying to work with Addie’s nap schedule in order to keep her sleeping well at night.

That means that some days I have no obligations or places to go.

So, the challenge is staying motivated to get dressed and ready for the day.  By dressed I mean more than sweats and a t-shirt.

Of course, as I type this I am wearing a plain white tank and some old work out shorts.

It is pretty much too hot for anything else right now!

First, I will begin by saying that my saving grace the first few weeks at home with Addison was “Getting ready” each morning.

I have taken a shower every morning since she was born.  Morning.  Not afternoon.  It was the only thing that made me feel alive and not gross each day.

I did wear a lot of maternity pants and tanks the first month, but I slowly got back into the habit of getting dressed.

Did you read about creating a post-baby wardrobe?  That was a must for me!

Now that I have acquired some items I feel good in, getting dressed is much easier.

Why do I bother?

1. I feel good when I shower, put on a cute outfit, and apply a little make-up (as in mascara and eyebrow darkener.  I know, fancy.)

2. I want to look nice for my husband when we visit him for lunch and when he comes home.

3. I want to teach my daughter about taking care of herself.

4. I am prepared for any unexpected visits or trips out of the house.

Now, I like clothes, but I am not a fashion guru.  Neither do I have time to try on fifteen different outfits each morning.  Nor do I like complicated outfits.  Mama needs easy access if you know what I mean . . . ahem.

Here is a peek at how i keep it casual and easy.

My go-to’s?

Shorts and a flowy tank with sandals.

In cold weather I am all about leggings, baggy tops, and boots.

Jeans are my most common clothing item.

I love Pinterest.  Who doesn’t, right? I often pin outfits.  I want my Pinterest to be purposeful, however, so I decided to take some outfit inspiration from my boards.  Now for the embarrassing part: Here is what I came up with this week.

(As you can see by the following pics, our weather is bi-polar here.  It was freezing and raining and now it is almost 90 degrees again! Oh, you can also see that i felt like a nerd taking pics of myself and gave up on making them look nice.  I just snapped a few and then gave up.  I can’t take myself seriously with this!)

This was for a lazy, rainy day at home.  I definitely saw this shirt-folded-over-the-sweater arm look on Pinterest, but alas did not pin it. I am in my comfiest jeans and threw on some Uggs to keep my tootsies warm.  Can you tell how stoked I am to be taking this pic of myself?

 I was NOT trying to look oober-cool with the hat covering one eye.  It is just a reaaaaalllly floppy hat. I wore this the afternoon that I took Addison to a local Harvest Festival. This is a black maxi dress with a tank tied over the top.

Let’s ignore the dusty mirror, shall we?

You can also see that when I create an outfit I like, I run with it and wear the same thing multiple days in a row.  I even wore the black dress with a tied up floral top to church on Sunday.

 I copied the Harvest Festival look for a day at home and lunch with hubby.  Addie wore a dress, too. He said we looked pretty. awwwww.

Oh. Looks like my laundry wasn’t folded yet in this pic. It also looks like I am squinting my eye to take this pic.  Cute.

Here is my inspiration for the above outfit.

There you have it.

A few non-exceptional outfits.

I’m not a fashion guru, but I like to look nice.

When I get ready for the day I feel ready to work @ HOME and to be productive!

We’ll work on doing my hair next. I have blow dried my hair only once in more than a year.  Totally serious.

{How do you motivate yourself to dress for the day?  Do you set your clothes out the night before?  I did that last night since I was working this morning and needed to be ready earlier than usual. Where do you get your fashion inspiration?}

This post is part of a series: 31 days @ HOME!

Visit HERE to read all of the posts.

Thanks for joining!

I am also joining up with WIWW today.  Come check it out.


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