{The Soul of the Home}

Can a home have a soul?

Maybe not.

The people in the home, however, have souls.

Souls whose actions determine the atmosphere of a home.

So, I attempt to give my home a soul, a feeling.

Sometimes that is in how I decorate.

Organization leads to a feeling of calm and peace.

Scripture on the walls leads to inspiration and purpose.

However, it is my actions that have the greatest impact.

How do I behave in my home?

Do I complain, argue, sit around lazily?

Or, am I working as if for the Lord?  Am I cheerful?

One of my goals for this home is to make it a haven.  

For me, for my children, and for my husband.

My husband likes a clean house that looks nice.

You know what he really wants, though?  A peaceful home. He would rather come home to a happy wife than to clean counters and a gourmet meal.

So, as I enjoy this time off of work I am trying to not become too consumed with the things and the management of my home.

I want to, instead, focus on the feelings that I am instilling into my home.  What type of soul am I giving it? 

When my husband walks through the door, after a hard day at work, I want him to sigh in relief, in pleasure, in comfort.  

I want the soul of our home to wash over him and I want him to feel at home.

{How would you describe your home’s soul?  What do you do to make your home a place you long to be?}


This post is part of a series for the month of October.

Visit HERE to read all of the posts!

Enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by.


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