{Insta-Love: @ HOME}

Are you enjoying this series?

I am!

It is making me so much more aware and grateful.

It is revealing my many, many blessings.

This week I am linking up with liferearranged to share my life @ HOME through instagram pics.

Do you instagram?  I’m jenanninga if you want to follow me.

I am obsessed with my Costco mocha mix.  I drink it every morning.  Now that it is actually raining here, it is oh-so tempting to drink more than one cup a day.  I may have given in to that temptation once . . . or twice.

In other news, yes I have been to Minnesota.  My mom lived there with her family as a child.  On a farm.  With horses.  And cows. And everything I ever dreamed of as a child.  Sigh.  We visited once and it was beyond awesome.  Four wheeling through forests of birch trees?  Riding horses through fields of wildflowers?  Yes, please!  

There is a whole different concept of home there.  All the family lives on the same dirt road.  The kids can run from their home, a log cabin their grandfather built, in bare feet to visit their aunt, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  

When I think of my dream home it involves the same thing.  Siblings on the same street.  Parents nearby.  

Minnesota has the right idea, donchaknow.

It has been chilly, so this morning little one snuggled in bed with me and ended up taking her morning nap there.  The rosy cheeks make me happy.  They mean she is snug and warm. Read this post from earlier in the week to see how you can make this cozy image a reality for two boys in the Congo!

 Another aspect that really says “HOME” to me are neighbors.  We have some friendly neighbors.  One couple stopped by, with kids in tow, to bring us limes.  An abundance of limes.  I already made one pitcher of limeade (it used 9 limes).  Looks like we’re going to be drinking a lot of limeade.  That’s ok, though.  it makes up for the lemon tree that I have been missing from our last place.

 I am still plugging away at my Master’s.  I am almost done!  What does this have to do with home, you ask? Well, the purpose of this is so that I can stay at home more.  More education = more money per hour = less hours needed. BOOM.

 My little wiggler.  I try to be present with my daughter when I am home.  It’s pretty easy since she is such a doll.  I get down on the floor with her.  We play, we sing, we read, we giggle.  I love being @ HOME with my Addison June.

{How was your week? Did it rain where you are?  What are your weekend plans?  Hunkering down at home?  We are heading to a Harvest festival and I am entering an apple pie baking contest.  Then it is hubby’s HS reunion, so we will be out and about, but I am so glad we have this home to come back to}



Thanks for reading.


One thought on “{Insta-Love: @ HOME}

  1. I would make so much guacamole with those limes! Now you need a neighbor with an avocado tree and you're in business! 😉 I think all your rain came east and hit us today! It was nice but I couldn't enjoy it that much in the midst of birthday festivities. Next time I will. And I'll have a second cup too. 😉

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