{Bringing them Home}

It rained for about thirty minutes today.

The first rain in our new home.

I loved watching it come down from the big window in our family room.

Loved watching it splatter on the dirt in our yard.

Isn’t it lovely to be snug at home during a rainstorm?

Aren’t you so grateful to have a home during those times?

I am.

My daughter was napping and I kept thinking about how happy I was that she was safe and warm and that, as she grows, we can watch the rain come down TOGETHER, safe under our roof.

My heart aches for those who suffer in the cold. For those whose children are far away.

I have mentioned these family friends before.

The Roughtons.

They have a lovely home.

Summer decorates is so beautifully.

She is one stylish woman.  Seriously, most of my wardrobe pins on Pinterest are from her. HA.

She has 4 children.  Two that live at home with her.  Two in the Congo.

You heard me right.

The Roughtons are adopting two young boys from the Congo.

They are providing a home for them.  A HOME, not merely a house.  Yes, they will get a roof over their heads and walls around them, but also love, and caring, and relationships.

How beautiful.

Isn’t adoption a lovely, lovely thing?  I do not know if I am personally called to adopt, but I know that we are all called to care for Orphans.  I know that the concept of adoption brings me to tears quite often.

To think of a child.  Unloved.  Alone.  To think of them being welcomed into loving arms and their life changing forever.  To think of the parents who prayed for them finally getting to wrap their arms around them. Sigh.

The Roughtons need to go get their boys.  Their boys need them to come.

You can help them reach this goal.

Watch the video.  Read their story.  See how you can help.

These boys are adorable.  I am slightly biased as they are named the two names that Hubby and I plan on using if we ever are blessed with boys: Levi and Titus.  I looooove it!

Let’s help them.

Let’s make the idea and beauty of HOME a reality for these two boys.  For these little lives.  Let’s bless them!

{Read more at Summer’s blog: Joyfully Ruined}

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