{Insta-Love: @ HOME}

Here we are.

At home again.

A short outing this morning in the fallish weather (we went from 104 to 64 degrees this week) and now back to the comfort of our cozy home.

Into some cozy pants and curled in the corner of the couch.  Ahhhh.

Times like these I think of Anne and her home at Ingleside and her children and how they all thought the best place to be was cozy at home.

I so agree.

816 square feet and I don’t feel cramped.  I feel cozy.

Here is what I’ve been doing @HOME this week via the wonderful world of instagram.

Snuggling my little nap bandit.

 Painting my toenails and rocking barefeet.  I’ve even been walking around barefoot in the front and backyard . . . to me, that equals home.  If you can be barefooted, it means you’re comfortable. Hello hardwood floors that were under the nasty rental carpet!

 Baking.  Snickerdoodles.  Because I always have the ingredients for them.  So easy! Plus, the smell of cinnamon and sugar permeating our home is a lovely, lovely thing.

 Bible study. Crochet. Baby play time.  Sums up my life pretty good.  

 Lunch with daddy.  Our favorite.

{How was your week?  Were you at home?  Isn’t that a cozy feeling?  Are you looking forward to more indoor snuggling when the weather cools? I am!}


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