{DIY: lamp upcycle}

I’m still plugging along with my 31 days topic, but today is a wee bit different.

Instead of an introspective and emotional post about being at home, I have a tutorial for ya!

One of the things I love about having a home is making it lovely.

However, because of the desires I shared yesterday, I have to make it lovely on a budget. A strict budget.

This instigates a lot of ingenuity, some trial and error, and a home that is very personalized with DIY projects like this one from last week.

So, this past weekend I decided to upcycle our $15 halogen lamp.

It lives in the family room and, for whatever reason, I purchased it in a bright green.

Not that I don’t like the color.  I do.  I even have a coat rack the same color.  

But, a coat rack can get away with it.

A halogen lamp is, first of all, a halogen lamp.  Add bright green paint and it screams “DORM ROOM!”

Here is my easy and potentially quick upcycle of our lamp.

I already had some ORB spray paint, so I used that to give the lamp a fancy schmancy feel.

It works well with our dark clock and the other lamp in our family room (both of which are legitimately fancy and we only own them as a result of wedding registry!).

Then, I needed a shade.

First, I bought a tannish one from Target, but it was a little dark and at $17 it didn’t really fit my cheap upgrade ideal.

I didn’t want to spend more than the lamp initially cost.

I returned it.  Target was out of stock of the plain, basic, white drum shades.  Bummer.

Since I have no patience am extremely frugal, I went to the thrift store.  I took baby girl on my hip to prevent me from buying things I didn’t need.  It totally worked, but my desire to start thrifting was definitely invigorated.

I found this fantastic shade. New, it would be anywhere between $25 to $40.  Score for me as it was only $2.25. I confess to also buying a bundle of candlesticks for 99 cents.

Only problem is that the lampshade was missing the hardware.  I assumed I could buy it somewhere.

I even called Home Depot and the man on the phone said they had what I needed.  

However, he was mistaken and since this month is all about being @ HOME, I headed home empty-handed to let my little one nap while I scoured the internet for the necessary attachments and took these awesome and professional pics to let you envision what the final product will look like.

Turns out that the frames are not easy to find, nor are they cheap.  So,  I will be using wire coat hangers to make my own.  We’ll see how it goes.

I think it looks real classy in theory, so I am excited to see the final product!

It is a definite upgrade!  It was super easy (so far) as well, which I love, and it definitely saved us some cash to upcycle rather than shop for a new lamp. Down the road, if I want to change it up, I can just cover the lamp with fabric.  I like that option.

{What do you think? Any suggestions on a wire frame?  Suggestions like “don’t buy a lampshade without the frame!”  oops!}


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2 thoughts on “{DIY: lamp upcycle}

  1. I have the same problem! I always buy lamps without the lamp shade & then I am seaching high & low everywhere for a shade that matches. I will never purchase a base just by its self again! Thanks for the link up! I am one of the co-hosts over at Lara's Vintage! XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean

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