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If you are new here, I have been challenging myself to actually complete some of the projects and use some of the ideas that I have seen on pinterest.  I have filled up my boards, and I want to put that time towards actual results!  Here are links to the previous weeks of my self-imposed Pinterest Challenge:

Read along or join in!

I made these two recipes:

Verdict?  Soup was easy and yummy. Lasagna was good, but I would make it with noodles next time and I would add more seasoning.

I also made more breadsticks and Frito Chili Pie.  Hubby was stoked.

I upcycled a globe based on this tutorial.  I love it!  It was such a small change, but made a big difference.

I made a dress for Addie, using these pics for inspiration

I didn’t have a pattern, so the shoulders are a wee bit wide and it turned into more of a romper top than a dress, but it was still fun.

I finally made baby girl some headbands and i am officially obsessed!  I will be making more. Many more.

Perhaps this pin will inspire me?

My favorite accomplishment were the three pillow i made using this tutorial.

So easy.  So fast.  I have plans for 3 more in other fabrics.  Seriously, try this!

I have also been doing a bit of spray painting and rug painting. (we’ll see how that goes . . . eek).

Here is my current inspiration.  Hopefully I can DO something based on these recent pins.

What have you been pinning and doing?


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