{Learning from my Daughter}

Having children changes you.

Motherhood is a refining fire.

It can be tough, but it molds you and grows you.

That is, if you let it.

I can choose to be frustrated when my daughter screams for over an hour before finally taking a much needed nap.  Or, I can thank God that this is the exception, not the rule.  I can realize that my daughter’s ability to nap is a gift from God, not a result of my expert mothering.

This is merely one of the many lessons that my daughter is teaching me.

Today’s lesson, though really from God’s word, came in the form of my daughter’s book.

I decided to read a book to Addison while she snuggled against me with her lamb lovie, in order to wind her down for a morning nap.

I chose this one.

I decided that I want to teach her about morning Bible study. Yes, she is only 4 months old, but if she can grow to never remember NOT meeting with the Lord in the morning, how awesome would that be?

As I was reading the sweet poetic words (written by Elizabeth George who happens to be one of my favorite christian authors), I was convicted.

This book, based on the wisdom of Proverbs 31, touched my heart through its simple language.

Really, all of it teaches me, but this portion spoke loudly this morning to my heart.

As “busy as a bee,” a real “eager beaver,”
That’s how God sees His little weaver.
She’s ready, she’s set, she can’t wait to start –
She always works hard with a song in her heart.

It was the last line, especially, that caught my attention.

Perhaps it was because yesterday was such a hard day.

Perhaps it was because by the time my little one fell asleep I was not in the mood for chores and I did them in frustration.

Perhaps it was because I explained to my husband later how HARD my day was.  How I only had time for WORK, WORK, WORK.

Although I enjoy being a homemaker, I don’t always work with a song in my heart.

Good thing God is merciful.

Perhaps the fact that I was reading to my daughter, and the fact that I want her to grow into a Proverbs 31 woman, and the fact that i am her primary example, are what struck me.

So, as I hear the beeping of the washing machine, telling me that the diapers are ready for their hot water wash, I will cheerfully rise and get to work.

Will  I always feel cheerful in my heart?  No.  

But, as I head into my laundry room I can be thankful that I have a laundry room, and that I have high efficiency washers and dryers that save me money, and that we have the ability to use cloth diapers, which save us money, and that the sun is shining so that i can dry the diapers on the line, and that we have a yard that I can have a clothesline in, and that our yard is progressing towards a finished product . . . 

How can I not be cheerful after recognizing all those blessing?!

I have the Holy Spirit.  So, I will choose to act cheerful and will pray for a cheerful heart even when I am not feeling cheerful.

That way, my daughter can learn from me as well.

How do you stay cheerful as you work?  Do you have a favorite book that you read to your little ones? What lessons have your children taught you?  P.S. I highly recommend the book and they also have one for little boys!

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