{DIY No Sew Blackout Curtains}

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Baby girl’s room has been done for quite some time (and yes, I realize that I have yet to post official pics of it.  Soon, I promise!)

However, she only recently began sleeping in her room (she was in a bassinet in our room for the first three and a half months).  I cried more than she did when we moved her to her big ol’ lonley crib. sniff sniff.

We started by putting her in the crib at night, but she took her naps in the bassinet a wee bit longer since our room was darker than hers during the day.

Enter, the no-sew blackout curtains.

I absolutely love the curtains that are in Addie’s room, so I didn’t want to maim them forever by sewing on a heavy blackout panel.

Instead I made these no-sew panels that can easily be removed to allow more light, or for when she is older and doesn’t need naps . . . you know, like 20 years from now.

You will need:

Blackout fabric (I bought mine through fabric.com)
Velcro (sold by the yard)
Tape measurer (or a good eye)


I measured the current curtains before ordering my fabric and when it arrived, I took the following steps.

1. Remove curtains from window and place over fabric.  Cut fabric to size.  I am NOT a perfectionist, so I did this by looking at it, rather than measuring.

 2. Attach velcro to back of curtains and front of blackout fabric.  Stick together.

3. Rehang curtains.

Ta Da!

See the difference?

I had to do a little trimming of the blackout fabric post-hanging as the flowy curtains curled under and showed the stiff blackout fabric edges.  I just trimmed them while they were hung (again, I am not a perfectionist)

The room isn’t completely black since some light peeks out from the side, but I am ok with that.

Baby girl has been napping (or not napping on bad days) in her room for a week now. She is stoked.  See?

The blackout curtains definitely decrease the distractions (my baby loves sunshine!).

So, there you have it.  A quick, easy, an inexpensive way to darken your nursery, or any room that needs it.


One thought on “{DIY No Sew Blackout Curtains}

  1. Hi there!

    I think I am going to try this for our nursery too. Quick question: did you velcro just the top edge of the fabric and curtain together or did you do the sides as well. Thanks for posting.

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