It is that time again! I am linking up with Life Rearranged for {Insta-Friday}
life rearranged
Cell Phone pics are so fun because they capture the everyday and the imperfect.

Whenever the hubs comes to Target with me, these end up making their way to the checkout stand.  Not that I complain.  He also bought a pack of mint chip flavored ones this past week. They are now gone. mmmmm.

 I read this while Addie was napping.  Ironic, I know.  But, it’s not like I’m gonna whip it out and start reading while she is screaming from becoming overtired and refusing to sleep!  So far, the book has been really helpful (in case you’re considering it).

 After stocking up This Little Fishy, I have begun building my inventory and working on new products. FUN!

 We bought a refurbished MacBook Pro since my Dell has been slowly dying for awhile now.  However, the second night we had it, it froze, starting beeping/screeching wildly, and then refused to turn back on. I have a curse.  A technology curse.  Hopefully we can get a different one today.

 I meal plan for two weeks and then shop for all of it at once.  It makes for quite the event and quite the load at the grocery store.  Only shopping once every two to three weeks?  Awesome.

 Bath time is so much more fun now that baby girl is submerged in the warm water.  She likes it. Phew!

 “It’s like this dad.  You will be wrapped around my finger forever.”  Yup. pretty much.

 I love this face.

 Addison’s most eventful part of the week was finding her feet, and sucking on her toes.  Babies are weird.  Don’t they know their fingers are much easier to reach?

 I started walking again after a week long vacay.  I love this view.

My parents are here to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday and to help us get started on on yard project!  I am so excited!

{What does your weekend hold?  Celebrations? Projects? Relaxation?  I hope it is a good one!}

One thought on “{Insta-Love}

  1. Addison is just precious. We love those ice cream sandwiches from Target, especially the mint & chip ones. Yummy. What a bummer about your Macbook. I'm curious to know if they'll just replace it or not? We've been wanting to switch to Mac's in our house and considered buying a refurb too. Tonight we're buying an iPad and I'm a little excited. Found your through InstaFriday and am a new follower.

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