{Because . . .}

The three day weekend was wonderful, wasn’t it?

I love it when hubby has time off.  It is rare in his type of work and I treasure the time we get.

Even though we would have loved to escape to the beach, we spent the weekend running errands, doing house projects, bbqing with friends, and reading THE WORD together.  It was perfect.

I will have some exciting projects to share with you soon (at least they are exciting to me!)

But, in the meantime, I will be leaving you with these lovely pictures of my daughter.


Because she is adorable . . . obvs.

Because I am busy studying for a test for my Master’s program.

Because I am doing laundry, and cooking, and cleaning.

Because I joined the women’s Bible study at my church and am reading.

Because I went on a wonderful 2 hour walk to the beach with girlfriends and babies today.

Because I need to love on my girl.

Because I am busy, with so many GOOD things.

Because . . . you know you love seeing pictures of this lil’ munchkin.

OK, compare the above picture to this one.  Similarities?  I am a bit older than Addie in this picture for sure, but that expression . . . HA!  As soon as I saw the above pic, I thought of this one.  She definitely has Daddy’s hair color!


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