My love turned 29 last week.

On Saturday to be exact.

He was a good sport and celebrated his b-day by packing up from our week-long camping trip and driving 5 hours back to Nor Cal. 

We had a little tri-tip dinner at the campground on Friday, but I was lame and forgot to bring a card or decorations or ANYTHING!

Our b-day gifts to eachother this year was patio furniture, so I didn’t have a gift either.

So, my guilty little self whipped up a little celebration for him on Monday night.

I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping since I was still unpacking, but I was able to make do with what I had on hand.

Hamburger patties and buns in the freezer, monterey jack in the fridge, and two red bell peppers?f Dinner. Bam.

Plenty of Spices and an unopened container of cream cheese?  Spice cake with cream cheese frosting? Dessert. Bam!

I love you, husband!

You make me laugh.

You inspire me to be better.

You lead so humbly.

You are a wonderful husband and father.

Happy 29th Birthday!

xoxo your wife


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