What I Made Monday: Pinterest Challenge Continued}

I made this recipe before my vacation last week: DELICIOUS!  Seriously, make it . . . NOW!  You’ll thank me, or hate me when you can’t stop eating it.

I attempted this, and failed.

My first problem was leaving the jeans in bleach for three days.  They sorta fell apart.

My second problem was attempting to dye them grey, which really made them just look like jean again.  Teal would have been better.

However, I am sure it is all for the best as they were a pair of jeans that I am fairly certain would never have fit me again.  Had they turned out super cute, I would have been depressed.

I have been doing these.  Hurts so good.

Saw this.  Love it.  Putting it on my classroom wall!  Although, I admit that I did not even know this song existed until the US Swim Team informed me and I only really love it for its ridiculousness.  Sorta the way I “like” Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” because a high school student made a funny mock video for it. Aaaaand I may or may not have been a part of a road trip music video featuring this catchy tune during my vacation last week . . .

I also saw this . . . bordering on inappropriate for a middle school classroom.  Would they even get it?

Need to do this for my bag storage project that I completed!

There was no pinterest making last week . . . shhhh . . . I was on vacay!


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