I am taking a week off of my Pinterest Challenge.

Ok, not really. I currently have some jeans being dyed in a bucket and a dresser I am cleaning and I made a few recipes from my What’s Cookin’ board.

But, my main focus has been vacation.

Summer is winding down and we are taking full advantage of the weather.

We went on a little spontaneous trip this past weekend.

It was just what I needed,

Like Anne, “something vital in me would starve” without trees.

I needed some trees.

I needed some mountains.

I needed to walk in the musty sunshine after a mountain thunderstorm and smell the wet earth and feel the crisp air.

I got all dream dinners before we left and pre-mixed ingredients to make Pioneer Woman’s Frito Chili Pie.  My oh my.  Yummy.  Check another Pinterest recipe off the list!

 These two have been friends since high school.  Now they have babies that are a month apart.

 Babies that weren’t too sure about eachother at first.

 Babies that were getting a little frisky by the end of the week.  Betrothals are still acceptable, right?

Oh, the mountains.  Oh the green. Oh, the trees. Oh, the babywearing.

 In this corner, weighing in at over 10 pounds and standing 22 inches high . . . Addison June!

 At first, her fist was more interesting than the water,

 then she got the hang of it.

 My baby squints her eyes when she smiles . . . wonder where she gets it from?

 Many a nap time found our little one like this.

The sunsets were beautiful.  A brief thunder and lightning storm provided some gorgeous clouds and lovely fresh air.  It also provided entertainment for the men who got to watch helicopters fly overhead and dump water on a fire on the hillside that began due to lightning strikes.

You know, becuase shooting guns, going to a car show, and golfing wasn’t enough excitement for them.

I am grateful for a fun and beautiful weekend of refreshment with good friends!


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