After posting on the lost tradition of weekly baking and hospitality yesterday . . .

(and then a friend stopped by this morning and I was totally in sweats and uncombed hair and I forgot to offer her a cookie – sorry, Heather –  so, clearly, I am still working on it) . . .

I thought of you.  Yes you.

My followers.  All 61 of you.

This little blog of mine is a virtual front porch.

I hope it is a cozy one.

I hope you hear sweet words sometimes . . . since I can’t bake you sweets.

I hope you are encouraged sometimes or laugh sometimes, or learn . . . that your cup runneth over.

Thanks for clicking “follow” and for reading and laughing, learning, crying right along with me.

Some of you follow the blog (if you want to follow just check out the sidebar to the right and click “follow” – so easy, right?), some my boards, some my fb, and others my instagrams (I’m jenanninga) or tweets (ok, I admit I have only tweeted like twice – I don’t get it, I just don’t).

To say thanks, I have some adorable baby pics.

OK. OK. I really just needed an excuse to post these because – I mean let’s get real here – how cute are they?

I actually have a giveaway today as my thank you!  Scroll down to read more!

I am giving one lucky follower a coffee cozy!  I love my cozy and use it all the time.  With fall (and pumpkin spice lattes) coming our way, now is the perfect time to use a cozy!

To enter the giveaway simply:

Leave a comment telling me that you follow and what you enjoy reading on my blog (tutorials, funny stories, encouragement, etc,)


Click follow and leave a comment telling me you did!  YAY! 

The winner will be announced on Monday!

Good Luck!


4 thoughts on “{61}

  1. I LOVE reading your blog because your writing sounds exactly how you would say it – and that makes me happy because it feels like we're hanging out 🙂
    Plus I love learning about new ways to mix peanut butter.
    Extra plus, I can't get enough of little miss Addison June.

  2. I like to read your blog because it is interesting to know what's going on when we don't see you for a few days. Also I love all the Addie pictures

  3. lol, first of all, I am dieting like a mad woman so I am THANKFUL you didn't tempt me with a delicious cookie and second I love reading your blog for many reasons. one, your homemade things are SOOO cute and I LOVE seeing all your project. and also I feel like even if I don't get to see you in person as often anymore I still am part of your life and get to know what you are up to! aaand… i love giveaways. lol

  4. I love reading your blog because I love to hear what you are processing as a wife and a new mom. You are really good at putting your thoughts into words. Plus, I love looking at pictures of Addie!

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