{What I Made Monday: Pinterest Challenge Week 5}

I totally had a lame week of Pinterest Making.  However, I had a fantastic few days visiting with good friends that were in town.

I have also watched TONS of Olympics, went to a church beach BBQ, and started making more beanies to fill an order for a local shop (yay). I hadn’t crocheted since before baby girl was born and it feels good to be whipping up some sweet beanies again!  I need to start stocking up the shop and preparing for the winter Stitch Market.

Ok, back to Pinterest.  This past week was all about recipes.

I made this.

It was delicious.  Even with using Swiss instead of Gruyere (we shop at Food 4 Less you know). I would add more tomatoes next time.  They were so so yummy!

I also made this.

I have made multiple variations of Pot Pie before.  This was a good one for sure (I used a bisquick top instead of a pastry top).  Unfortunately I can’t find the first recipe I ever tried for pot pie and it was the best.  I will continue the hunt, though!

I also did this.

I love watermelon!  After looking through my pin board for more recipe inspiration, I realized I had pinned this at one point.  Whaddya know?!

Oh, and when I made the pot pie, I shredded the chicken (which I cooked first in the crok pot with chicken broth and seasoning) in my kitchen-aid mixer. Oh. Mah. Word.  Best thing ever!  So easy.  So shredded!  I loved it.  Do it.

I have been organizing!

I have been trying to grocery shop more efficiently (As in only once every two weeks).

I am still trying to get on my dresser project, but the hubs was busy all weekend and I am working on getting baby girl to nap for longer chunks during the day, so it didn’t really work out.  The dresser will be my focus this week.

That and using workouts from THIS board. Lake camping in two weeks!  Bathing suit necessary. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

{What are you pinning and doing?}

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