Wow.  Another Friday . . . and a new month!  Where has the summer gone?

I am linking up with Jeannette again to share my week in instagram photos.
life rearranged

Did you have a good week? Did you spend it soaking up the sun?  

My b-day gift from my little bro came in the mail.  Yay for fossil wallets.  I am obsessed. Apparently I am also obsessed with toilet paper as evidenced by the ginormous stack of it behind me.

 tiny baby.  big bed.  love.

 Dahlias (my fave) growing at the barn.  I wanted to pick some soooooooo badly.

 Daddy daughter time. Anyone else staying up waaaay to late to watch Olympics this week?  Why . . . tell me why . . . are they on from 8 to midnight?!

 Morning reading, hot cocoa, and sleepy baby in the fresh air.  Oh . . . and that is not a self-help book.  It’s biblical  . . . promise . . .

 Baby girl loves mirrors . . . or herself . . . 

 I made another batch of frozen cookies for hubs.  I baked four one day . . . and I ate them all . . . and I had an ice cream bar later . . . and I have to wear a bathing suit in three weeks . . . oops.

 Snuggles.  Enough said.

 Made a delicious recipe (slightly altered) from a friend.


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