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This week went by slowly for me.  Baby girl and I spent a lot of one on one time together at home.  I love being with her and I love hunkering down at home, but sometimes it makes me heart sore.  It makes me miss my family up north and wish I was near enough to visit my mom on a regular basis. If home is where the heart is, then my heart is divided.  Heart sore . . . you see?

However, the sun has come out after lazy, foggy mornings and given me the opportunity to enjoy my sweet little family.

We tried on Addie’s bathing suit in preparation for our annual family camping trip!  My first camping trip at this same location was when I was even younger than Addie.  She is clearly bummed that she has to wait another month before going on the trip.

 Hubby joined us for a walk and showed me a new spot in our neighborhood.  It is only dirt-covered and tree-lined for a few minutes, but oh how I relish those minutes!

 A few wildflowers that I planted last year reappeared this year.  I snipped a few and I love them. Flowers in the house make me oh so happy.

 This is what I do most of the day.  I love it, even when I wish I could get more done around the house.  I know this time is fleeting.

 I did find a little time for a project this week.  Yay for homemade jewelry.

 Morning snuggle sesh!

 Flying with Daddy.  She absolutely adores her daddy.

 Summer = no shoes.  Summer does not = the frigid wind that was blowing during our picnic. Boo.

 Aaaaaand I was trapped here for an hour + yesterday when baby girl decided to conk out on me.  Let me just tell ya that typing one-handed is super annoying.  

It was a slow-paced week for us.  How about you?

Are you watching the opening ceremonies tonight?  We are!  Addison even has a special onesie for the occasion.  Go Team USA!


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