{What I Made [Monday] on a Wednesday: Pinterest Challenge Week Three}

Well folks, how are we doing on the Pinterest challenge?

I finished these two projects and I have been trying to post about it for a few days, but . . . well  . . . life with a baby makes things like going on walks and updating my blog a bit more challenging.

Here they are at long last! My painted cork board on the inside of a cabinet.  Perfect for keeping lists of items we are running out of, important phone numbers, take out menus, and recipes!

 Why the neon green?  Because I bought it for a different project and went with a lighter color and I don’t want the neon can to go to waste! I bought the stick on chalkboard label at veryjane.com.

My projects last week were based on these pins.

I also spent some time working on some homemade belated birthday presents and I salvaged some French Fried Onion containers (I use them for THIS fave recipe) to use as reusable snack containers for the hubs.  

I got the idea from this pin.  They work so well!  Love Upcycling!

Finally, I tried this recipe.  Super yummy, but I should have pulled them from the oven a few minutes earlier and I would recommend rolling out the dough first for fluffier breadsticks.  It made about 10-12, so I froze the rest to toast with meals this week.  YUM!

This week I am going to keep it simple. Headbands for baby and a dresser project using these pins as inspiration!

{What are you pinning and doing?}

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