What a whirlwind of a week!

Busy, but blessed.

I am linking up with Jeannette again.  Join the fun!
life rearranged

I’ve been enjoying the cuteness that is two months old!  That bedhead!  Couldn’t you just eat her up?  

Having a baby makes you sorta a celebrity.  People smile at you, make comments as you pass by, and ask questions about your wee one.  This week I was told that she was “Storybook beautiful”.  I quite agree.

 TJ Maxx and I are currently BFF’s.  They currently have an awesome rug selection and I sorta have a thing for rugs lately.  This one didn’t make it home.  Bummed. But 816 square feet of home only requires so many rugs.

 My Aunt and two cousins visited.  We made headbands one afternoon out of scrap fabric.  I let the girls pick their colors and styles, which was hard since twelve-year-olds and nin-year-olds have a different sense of fashion than me.  But, they loved them.  That is what matters.

 My clothesline has been getting a lot of use.  I love this chore.  Hanging clothes on the line allows me to pretend that we live on a homestead in the wild west.  It also saves on electricity, which is a much more modern-day, non-romantic benefit.

 Cheeseball here loves being outdoors.  She is her mother’s daughter.

 She also loves grabbing things.  Her blanky provided comfort after her two month shots.  Too bad it didn’t comfort her later that night when she screamed for half an hour from the soreness in her legs.  Saddest thing ever!  Poor daddy came home to a screaming baby and a sobbing wife. Boo Hoo.

 There is something about reading the Bible outdoors that makes me feel closer to God.  I have this thing about nature, fresh air, and sunshine.  It’s why I got married outside.  It’s why I am longing for a trip to Yosemite . . . or Tahoe . . . or Glacier . . . or anywhere with mountains and trees and rivers. Oh My!

My youngest brother is coming into town tonight and I CAN NOT wait.  I love him.  He is awesome.  Seriously awesome.  I miss him so much and love when he is able to visit!

So, here’s to a fantastic weekend of family fun!


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