{The Resurrection of a Garden}

We moved into a new home.

We bought our new home.

We did a lot of work on said new home and, yes, I have not shown you any AFTER pics yet.

But . . . I am going to pull the “We had a baby 7 weeks ago card“.

We have been doing small decorating and improvement projects when we can, but it is hard when we could just be looking at this face instead.

Another project is our yard.  It is basically a blank slate, which is good.  However, it is also expensive and it also means that there is nothing there now.  Except weeds.  And burrs.

Hubby has turned into quite the gardener.  He started pulling up weeds and digging up bushes and cutting back bushes during his time off to help me recover from LABOR.

He also uncovered a variety of plants.  Amazingly, despite sever neglect from the previous tenants, they have begun to flourish.

 Two Rose Bushes, which are currently bare.  Of course, they were flourishing a week ago, but I didn’t take a pic then, so you have to look at this poor, wilted looking thing.

 Baby rose bush.

 Gardenias galore.

 Purple and pretty.

 Grape tomatoes!

 Gerbers and some unidentified vine and various other mystery plants.

 A plum tree in the front yard that is producing.  Here we come plum jam!  There is a fig tree in the back that we have yet to rescue.  What does one do with figs anyway?

 Plenty of succulents.

Eventually we will transplant some of them to pots or different locations, but for now we are simply letting them grow and enjoying the discovery of new plants each day.

It is sort of like opening packages on Christmas. We water and wait to see what shows up.


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