Congrats to Jeannette on the arrival of baby #4: Owen!

Here we are on another Friday! Sharing our week in Instagram pics (I am jenanninga)!
life rearranged
Baby girl is 8 weeks old.  Almost 2 months.  Cue the teardrops. My little newborn isn’t so new anymore.

Each day brings special new developments.  Bittersweet.

We had a great week.

There were smiles galore (a midst some crankiness as we struggle to nap during the day. Mama can’t complain since girl sleeps 6-8 hours straight at night).
 Books. Books. Books.  I love Books.  We walked to the local library to pick up some fun books!
 SO. IN. LOVE.  She will fall asleep on me like this forever, right? right . . .
 One stylish and colorful baby! I had four different colored walls in my bedroom in high school.  My parents recently painted over them to make a guest room.  I am using my child’s wardrobe to help me cope with this devastating change.
 Beautiful coffee and breakfast downtown with my man . . . and our girl.
 Addie’s first hike.  It was a good one.  It felt so good to hike again!  I can’t wait for our next trek.
 My new fitness instructor.  Either I look completely ridiculolous attempting to work out after a few months off or girl just likes my tennies because she sure giggles a lot as I get my sweat on.
 Sparkling Cider in the middle of the week for no reason?  Sure, why not?!
 Our lunch spot.  I have a thing about one-room schoolhouses.  I want to teach in one. Bad.  But, that would mean moving to Montana.  Shucks.  My dreams of wearing gingham, riding a horse to work, and receiving apples from students are quickly fading.
 Seven weeks ago, my profile looked a bit different.  I wonder if the neighbors recognize me now that I am walking regularly again?
 We went bowling.  Addison LOVED it.  It was either the awesomely outdated Justin Timberlake music, the neon lights, or my impressive bowling skills.  Ok, maybe not the latter.
 Ruffle Buns.  Need I say more?

I am looking forward to a weekend of hiking, house projects, and family time!

{What are your weekend plans?}

4 thoughts on “{Insta-Love}

  1. Oh, what an awesome week! She is growing so quickly. If only the last weeks of pregnancy would go as quickly as the first few months of the baby's life… She's an absolute doll. Library, one room schoolhouse, hiking and sparkling cider? Yup, definitely an awesome week!

  2. Your little girl is a doll! And that smile is precious!

    Enjoy their sleepiness now; my little guy will NOT sleep in my arms, no matter how tired he is. I miss his newborn-isms so much! 🙂

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