Linking up again!
life rearranged

I’ve been caught up in livin’ and haven’t taken many pics.  But, that’s a good thing, right?

We went north to the weekend.  Lounging in the cool backyard with only the creek, oak trees, and lovely garden as a view made me eager to get to work on our barren yard.  The wheels are turning in my brain.

 Addie finally met her Uncle Darren. As you can see, she is clearly smitten.  What’s not to love, though?  He is an AWESOME guy (I still find it hard to say man, even though he is 23, graduated from college, and working more than full-time.  After all, he is still my “little” brother). I love him dearly.

 Meet my daughter, the 80’s jazzercise instructor.  Not gonna lie, I love this outfit!

 Local baseball game with friends, blankets, and babies, with fireworks at the end on a not totally freezing night! YAY!

 There were 18 pregnant women in our church this year. 18!  Here is a sampling of all that baby cuteness . . .

I am looking forward to accomplishing some projects this weekend and to spending time with the hubby.

{How was your week?}

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