Here we go again!

Another week has gone by and this time it made me another year older.

It also brought us to a weekend filled with sweet family time!

Among other things there was lunch on the patio overlooking the sea, frozen yogurt, bbq, s’mores, and lots of laundry!

A walk down the BOB JONES to Avila Beach with a girlfriend and her two month old boy.
 Sweet times with my baby girl (seriously . . . it is hard work to include insta-pics that aren’t of my Addie June).

Looking for the perfect backyard lounger.
 I love all of Gap’s baby girl clothes . . . especially these poofy shorts!
 I’m a regular comedian . . . at least by my 6 week old’s standards.
 No, I’m not a high maintenance napper.  Bouncy seat on vibrate, pacifier, swaddle, and sleep sheep.
 Where I spend many moments . . . in the still-needs-to-be-painted-and-reupholstered chair.  Burp rag and blanky handy of course.
 Birthday wishes from sweet friends!

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