{What I Made Monday: On a Tuesday}

I’ve had a few projects in the works and in my brain for awhile now.

Thanks to the magical powers of the Moby Wrap and our bouncy chair, I was able to work on them the ast few days.

I’ve been thinking about the wall over our couch and am about to embark on the journey of filling it.

It is the biggest and emptiest wall in our family room.

Now that the fabric for the room has been purchased, I feel like there is enough space in my brain to consider this wall.

I want to be very purposeful in what I select for the wall.

After all, it is a big space and people will see it right when they enter our home (there is no entryway; the front door opens directly into the family room).

I am hoping to purchase a few Cut it Out frames and a canvas for our wall.

However, I am a fan of variety.  I wanted some WORDS on the wall.

I chose a verse.  The one on my blog header, which was actually a part of our wedding invitations, website, and programs as well.

Then, I got to work. I have a few canvases that I purchased on sale at Beverly’s a long time ago, so I grabbed one of those.

My first attempt was cut short as I soon realized it was hideous. HA!

I had thought that the felt tipped pens would look good on canvas.

I was wrong.  So very wrong.

I remembered THIS post from The Nester and used it as inspiration.

I grabbed the three teal and jade colored paint samples from when we were choosing paint for our home.  Then I mixed them together.  In retrospect, I would have stuck with one color or mixed more.  That way I would have had paint for touch ups later.

A few coats of paint later and I had a lovely backdrop of turquoise goodness.

I used some stencils that I had purchased for a previous projects and a gallon of white paint that had been used to paint our ceilings (The goal was definitely to not spend money!)

The stenciling was a bit difficult because I had to wait for letters to dry and if I didn’t hold the stencil down hard enough some paint would leak under the edge, but overall it didn’t turn out bad.

I made one word larger to add some contrast.  I didn’t have the right size stencil for this so I freehanded it.

I admit it would look better stenciled, but it has “character” now, as my hubby put it.

I love the colors.  They are so happy and fresh and I think it will look lovely against our soft, cream-colored wall.

I am sort of obsessed and want to make all sorts of canvases now.  I also want to use our sample paint all over the house! The furniture better watch its back.


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