I am linking up again with LifeRearranged to share my week in Instagram pics.
life rearranged

My mom has been in town all week. It has been wonderful.  She has helped around the house, held her granddaughter, and even watched the baby while hubby and I went on a date!

I am so sad that she is leaving, so a trip up North definitely needs to be in my future.

There has been lots of tummy time with daddy!

Summer has arrived and we had a few days of 80 degree weather before it settled back into the Central Coast 70’s.

 I started using the Moby, now that baby girl is big enough for it.  I loooooove it!

 This face is why I get practically nothing done all day!

Hubby and I went on a date and while waiting for our table we checked out a new shop downtown.  I thought this art on the tables upstairs was a place for kids to color while parents shopped.  Then I saw that it had a $200 price tag. AHEM.  Not my style, clearly.  I just don’t get it.

 We went to the new, hip burger joint in town: Eureka!.  It was amazing!  I had some sort of blue cheese (thanks to no longer being preggers) mushroomy goodness.

 It was farmer’s market, so after dinner we scurried down to the donut booth and bought a dozen piping hot cinnamon and sugar mini donuts to munch on.  Then we hurried back to baby and made it just in time for her next feeding.  It was wonderful to get out, just the two of us, and enjoy some quality time.  But, we missed our little Addison June!

 P.S. I am obsessed with anything IKAT.  More on that to come!

How was your week?


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