{How to Hang a Gallery Wall: The Husband Edition}

I haven’t been able to do much.

I am probably doing more than I should.

You know, since I gave birth 20 days ago.


Did that really happen?! Shudder.

More details on BIRTH later this week.

Back to me not being able to do much.

Hubby was an angel while off of work.

Bringing me water,  food, heating pads for my back, rocking a crying baby girl, changing diapers, gardening like a mad man, and taking my directions from my perch on the couch.

We finally decided to tackle some of the pictures that have been chillin’ on the floor of our family room since we moved in a month ago.

I am being very particular about where I hang things.  After all, we OWN this home and hubby had to putty and sand every crack and hole before we painted.

So, when I decided I wanted to hang a few pictures above our bookshelf (which will be changed out for something different in the future) I knew I wanted to do it right.

FIRST, we selected the pictures.  This took some time.  We had a lot of options.

We placed them into different configurations on the floor and swapped different frames in and out until we found something we liked.

We chose three white frames and one canvas.  One of the framed pics had green in it, as did the canvas, and the other two held black and white shots.  I liked the symmetry.  I am sort of a freak about symmetry.

We are severely lacking in pictures depicting this escapade.  I am pretty sure I was feeding Addison during the process.

The next step was to hang paper on the wall where we wanted the pictures to go.

Hubby then measured the distance between the frames based in the layout we liked and traced the frames onto the paper to make sure they would form a square around the outside.

Next he measured to determine the placement of the nails, marked their placement, then hammered the nails into place through the paper. 

The final step was ripping off the paper to reveal perfectly placed nails and to hang the pictures.  YAY.

I can’t wait to start our over the couch gallery wall using THESE frames.

{What Gallery Tips Do You Have?}

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