I am linking up with LifeRearranged again!

Sharing my week in Instagram Pics is pretty much all I can muster up with a two week old and hubby back at work.

I started two other posts.  Truly I did. 

Maybe you’ll get to read them next week.  Just maybe.

I’ve been rockin’ the Ergo a lot.  With the newborn insert.  Baby girl is still too small for the Moby and the Bjorn.  Little Peanut.  In fact, I have her in the Ergo while typing this.  It’s not easy, let me tell you.

 Why hello there world.  I am absolutely adorable.  Which is why mama can’t find time to blog.  She is too busy staring at my sweet sweet face.

 While Hubby was home he did a TON of gardening.  We are attempting to salvage all the abandoned plants around our yard and will eventually transplant the ones we like.  He dug up this huge bush to save a rose bush.  We have found 3 total.  We have also found some Gerber Daisies, Gladiolas, and some unidentifiable plants. I am excited for summer yard makeovers!

 Hubby went back to work, so we met him for lunch.  I’m not sure what could be studlier than my working man holding our baby in her pink polka dot swaddling blanket with his rough grease stained hands. YUM.

 Passed out baby.  She likes her milk.

 This is pretty much my constant view.  I’m sorta ok with that.

I am looking forward to Hubby being home this weekend.  I miss him.  Ok, I also miss being waited on hand and foot if I am being honest.

{How was your week?}


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