{What I Made Monday}

I love spray paint.  I have a serious obsession with spray paint. 

No kidding.
No wooden, metal, or plastic surface is safe.

The two weeks before Addison’s arrival, I went a little nuts.

Don’t worry. I wore a mask.  Gloves too.

I’m sure I looked awesome.

Nine month prego belly, yellow rubber gloves, white mask . . . awesome.

Here is one of my projects: Painting the roll-top desk I received from my Aunt.

This desk was my great-grandmothers.  

I actually have a hard time bringing myself to paint sentimental antique furniture, even with my severe painting obsession.

However, when I realized the only place for the desk was in Addie’s room, I was able to make the leap.

It started out like this, as did the chair, which I did not get a before picture of due to my lack of patience great work ethic.

This color is “APPLE RUSTOLEUM”.  Love it.  I also purchased KEY LIME, but it was a little too flourescent.

Ta Da!  I’ve added some decorative touches, but you’ll see those when I do the full room reveal.

A few antique crystal knobs from Urban Outfitters at $4 a pop completed the look!  I am so glad I took the scary step of painting an antique heirloom!  I know Addie will love her desk for years to come.

{What Painting Risks have you taken lately?}

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